Cheese cutters

Our cheese cutting machines are used to cut gussets from cheese loaves. An optimized knee lever minimizes the effort required to cut the gusset. The rotatable plate makes it very easy to cut uniform gusset sizes without any loss of cutting.

Due to the robust construction, our cheese cutters are suitable for all types of cheese, both hard and sliced or butter cheese.


Ideal for dairies, farm shops, cheese marketers, Alpine farms and anyone looking for a professional, economical solution for slicing cheese loaves. Neither compressed air nor electricity is required, making operation particularly cost-effective. Due to the purely mechanical design, they are particularly robust, durable and maintenance-free.


We produce cheese cutters for all cheese sizes and types.

You are welcome to inspect the cutting devices with us.

Product video:

mobiles Käseschneidegerät für Hartkäse und Schnittkäse Laibe

... with rotating plate, without base

starkes Käseschneidegerät für Hartkäse und Schnittkäselaibe

... with rotating plate, with fixed base

Käseblockteiler für Hartkäse und Schnittkäse Laibe

... with fixed cutting plate, without base

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