Cheese care machine up to Ø700mm

Cheese care machines for efficient cheese care - developed and manufactured in Austria


Our cheese salting machine, specially developed for large hard cheeses, is characterized by its excellent care quality. The operator has optimal visual contact to the side of the cheese to be cared for and is therefore in constant control of the care result.


The cheese salting machine has two maintenance stations, which enable the operator to change the loaves efficiently. The operator places a cheese on one care station and can remove the finished cheese on the other care station and transport it back to the cheese shelf. In the meantime, the newly launched cheese is brushed. As a result, there are no idle times and the achievable care performance is very high.

The brushing process and the salt water supply are carried out independently by the machine. The mechanical care brushes the loaves evenly and enables the formation of a homogeneous cheese rind.


The high-quality device is easy to clean. The rotatable cheese supports and brushes can be removed without tools and allow easy cleaning of the device.


The cheese salting machine is particularly suitable for professional cheese care in alpine operations, farm cheese dairies, cheese marketers and dairies, also as an additional device.

  • uniform salting and lubrication of cheese wheels
  • even bark formation
  • ideal for hard and semi-hard cheese
  • smooth operation, ergonomic working height
  • easy cleaning, hygienic design and completely maintenance-free
  • always a direct view of the side to be cared for and thus optimal control of the lubrication result

Technical specs:

  • for cheese diameters from 400mm to 700mm
  • for cheese heights from 80mm to 160mm
  • constantly adjustable contact pressure of the tannin side brush
  • constantly adjustable contact pressure of the surface brush
  • constantly adjustable amount of lubricating water
  • option: adjustable brush speeds
  • produced according to European hygiene and safety guidelines


Cheese brushing device, cheese care machine, cheese salting machine
Dimensions cheese salt machine


  • plug-in flat brushes
  • plug-in tannin side brushes
  • plug-in support plates
  • 40 liter salt water tank
  • lubricating water pump
  • 16A CEE plug and supply cable
  • mobile underframe
  • all cleaning-relevant parts such as brushes, support plates, etc. can be removed without tools


  • depending on the brushing time / care duration
  • approx. 15 sec. Brushing time per cheese wheel
  • approx. 220 pieces of cheese per hour



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